Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ, please send an email to:

Microphone operation seems inconsistent or there is no disco

The problem described seems to have to do with the volume input settings. If the sliders are to far to the right you won’t see any light changes (this is by design).

  • Try to tweak the microphone input settings.
  • Are there lights selected in the Settings tab? And is there music playing?
  • Please check the manual about microphone sensitivity.
    Manual: Microphone Sensitivity

Mood or Disco slows down or stops when in standby mode

Hue Disco is extensively optimised to run as long as possible. We have implemented all the players
as foreground services. Under normal circumstances this ensures that everything will keep running.

Battery & App optimisations
But on most devices you can enable/disable Battery Saving or App optimisation.
These optimisation can extend the life of your battery but can also impact the performance of you apps. When you experience problems with running the Disco or Mood player, please try to disable any optimisations.

Sometimes while running long sessions of mood or disco it stops and restarts

Hue Disco is designed to work in parallel with other apps. It should be no problem to browse the internet/ use facebook or most other app on your phone.

In case the phone does need to do very heavy lifting it can be that the Hue Disco service will get temporarily killed to free up memory for the heavy lifting. But it will restart automatically.

License problem

Make sure that the first time you start the app, that you have an internet connection active.
We use the standard google license model, and for google to check that the app is valid, it should be able to connect to the internet.

The license check will get cached though, so it should work without internet active after that.

Rooted device

At this moment the license model blocks execution on some rooted devices. This is not by our design, we personally don’t have anything agains rooting devices. But this is how the standard model works.

For us it is hard to support rooted devices, there are a lot of different variables to take into account. With some root kits you can tweak the permissions/ settings to execute the licensed programs anyway. But this is something you will have to research yourself.

Why does the disco seem to slow down with more bulbs

When you have up to 15 bulbs all should be fine. If you have more bulbs disable the ones that are not visible to you in the Bulbs list. Hue Disco works at its best with around 8 bulbs selected.

  • How it technically works:
    The Hue Bridge can handle around 20 commands per second max. (color changes or on/ off).
    If we send more commands the bridge will freeze, this can disable the bridge  for up to 5 to 10 seconds. This is a hardware limitation. The hardware just can’t handle more at the moment (Hue Bridge v2 is the same.)
  • Disco with a lot of bulbs
    The Hue Bridge can handle around 20 commands per second (Color changes). So if you have disco running with 20 bulbs you would will get a chance of once per second per bulb. Disable the lights that are not visible to you.